Läkemedelsakademin (The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Läkemedelsakademin (The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences) offers trainings at all levels in various formats for professionals within the pharmaceutical field.

Professional trainings covering everything from early drug discovery, research and development to manufacturing, distribution, marketing and use of medicines.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all needs

For professionals within the pharmaceutical field current and up-to-date knowledge is key. We provide training for the newly employed as well as for the senior expert. Our offer covering everything from foundation training to advanced courses, “hot topics”, workshops and international symposia.

Läkemedelsakademin is Quality Assured; a member of Utbildningsföretagen (the association of private education providers)

Educational activities are developed together with subject area experts within Apotekarsocieteten, authorities, universities, health care and industry. The trainings are regularly quality assured. Certification guarantees high quality. Read more at Utbildningsföretagen.

Your need – our mission

We arrange commissioned tailored education within the whole Pharmaceutical field. Please submit requests to: info@lakemedelsakademin.se

Study when and where you want!

E-learning increases the flexibility for you as a participant. We have a large and increasing grange of E-learnings.


Läkemedelsakademin (The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences) – part of Apotekarsocieteten (The Swedish Pharmaceutical Society) a non-profit organisation working for the optimal development and use of medicines.